Peet’s embarked upon the design of a new prototype that would operate in a substantially smaller footprint than previous stores were built on, and brought me in to work with their CMO, Director of Store Design, Director of Marketing and Director of Merchandising to design fixtures and a hierarchy of marketing messages that would optimize the customer experience within limited space.  My contributions included:

  • Designing a floor fixture that suggested an old-world market presentation while providing high-capacity storage of pre-packed coffee;
  • Creating a counter-top presentation of 24 loose teas that brought attention to their unique colors and textures and resulted in dramatically increased sales of tea;
  • Collaborating with a graphic designer to determine the types, sizes and placement of three different marketing messages that addressed Peet’s history, their Mission Statement and their coffee-roasting process.  
Image of wooden wall with text and images sharing the history of Peet's Coffee

graphic design and brand guidelines | Peet’s history wall