While contracting with Apple, I managed the production and installation processes at non-Apple retail spaces in chain stores located in Brazil (Fnac), Mexico (Palacio de Hierro) and Canada & Puerto Rico (Best Buy).  This role included the following responsibilities:

  • Establishing direct relationships with key international suppliers and negotiating best quality and value for all shop components;
  • Overseeing the fabrication of all fixtures used in the shops, and ensuring they meet with Apple’s pre-approved standards;
  • Working closely with fixture manufacturers, regional sales offices, and Apple Shop Design to ensure that all specifications are met in the field;
  • Planning schedules and maintaining deadlines, and conveying to all concerned parties, if necessary, any obstacles affecting delivery and installation of shop components;
  • Documenting all completed installations with photos and detailed summaries.
Image of an Apple store-in-store project. dan melvin, project manager

project management | international shop-in-shop prototype